Data Center Infrastucture

Big traffic at data center need reliable and smart network infrastructure that can provide very high bandwidth, transparent and sophisticated intelligence. We provide data center network infrastructure assessment, maintenance and management solution.



In this era of digital transformation, every business is growing faster and dynamically. one that comes to mind is the server. We must be able to determine the capacity and capability of the server to support the company’s performance



Because the amount of data in our company has exploded and storage and backup needs are increasing. We provide advanced storage and backup solutions that can optimize storage usage, prioritize information, reduce data duplication, increase availability, accelerate analysis and data retrieval



It is necessary to provide a reliable infrastructure for IT operations, to minimize the possibility of disruption. Therefore, Network must maintain high standards to ensure the integrity and functionality of the environment they are hosted on.


End Point

We provide procurement of various types of hardware and software, both main components and supporting components with the best quality and guarantees as a solution for your business need



The security measures to protect infrastructure, especially critical infrastructure, such as network communications, communication center, server center, database center, and IT center. Infrastructure security seeks to limit vulnerability of these structures and systems from sabotage, terrorism, and contamination

Business Inside

The more sophisticated the digital world, so we can work at home by utilizing existing technology. With this pilar will provide business solutions from within.

Application Web / Mobile

Every business process may be so unique or have a certain set of requirements that make it unsuitable to use existing prepackaged product. Here our custom solution services can help you. We offer a full development from analysis and design, development, testing to implementation services.

Business Service and License

We provide the best service in strategizing, implementing and optimizing digital transformation approaches that cater to your current budget and future growth such as : 

Communication and Data Management

Our solutions help people communicate more efficiently and access the information they need more quickly..

Virtual Meeting Solution

Virtual meeting is the process of meeting between several parties virtually or online using certain applications. Usually this application is a video conference type that can be easily accessed via laptop, PC, tablet, to smartphones.

Comunication Solutions

With communication solutions, we can use individual desk phones, wireless devices, cell phones, email and computers and enable them to communicate together regardless of their location.

Backup and Archive Solutions

With the large amount of data stored in a company, how can this be done?
Now we are here to provide a solution by using a data backup, for security the risk of losing the data

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