Innovation and Solution

Providing the best IT solutions
as a form of long-term relationship
for our customers

Products and services that we produce from
innovations that are continuously developed
based on our client’s requirements

We work together across borders to serve
our clients

Business Solution

Pilar Utama Solusindo supporting our customer by providing a solution not only product but also services to meet the business continuity of the customer.

Support Services

Pilar Utama Solusindo supporting our customer by providing professional service to help our customer to plan, implement, and maintain their IT Infrastructure.

Maintenance Services

Pilar Utama Solusindo will always support the customer with the best technical for every solution during maintenance period.

Our Clients

Why Us

The reasons to choose PT. Pilar Utama Solusindo as partner for IT infrastructure solutions provider:

  1. Trusted and experienced partners in giving Product Knowledge for customer.
  2. Have complete products and solutions to meet various industry needs.
  3. Having sustainable cooperation with local and multinational principals.
  4. Implementation and technical support is performed by certified engineers that match the product.

What We Do

Pilar Utama Solusindo provides professional service to offer best solution to help our customer to plan, design, Implement, integrate and maintain their IT Infrastucture.

Any Questions? Let Us Know!